Support agreement includes an unlimited number of calls to English serving telephone support on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Support customers have the right to appoint up to four contact who will have access to Internet-based support services. The agreement also includes software updates.

Software updates can be downloaded from here.

Support requests by tel +372 618 1300 or e-mail: support (at)

Proactive Support - to anticipate and prevent possible malfunctions

Proactive support policy is to try to prevent any pre-fault situations from arising and thus improve customer usability of the system. This is done by customized control routine according to customer requirements which is possible to carry out either the remote access or on-site the customer's premises.

Control routine is fully customizable to the needs of customer and it may include for example following measures:

  • checking flawless functionality of the database management system
  • database space charge control
  • checking the errorlog of database server
  • monitoring any batch jobs from getting through
  • scan the run of database consistency check