Analytics & Business Intelligence

For companies in many industries — such as financial services, telecommunications, retail, and market research — an enterprise business intelligence solution is a critical resource for decision-makers. To extract information from huge, ever-growing databases and then turn it into actionable business intelligence at the time it’s needed, however, puts enormous strain on traditional data management systems.

This strain can cause major performance issues as more users run complicated, ad hoc queries on large data sets. As a result, managers and frontline employees who need the information can experience unacceptable slowdowns that impede decision making and create unacceptable risks and service-level agreement problems.

SAP’s Sybase Business Intelligence Software Solutions

To help its customers overcome these problems, Sybase provides radically innovate enterprise analytics and data warehousing software tools that give customers with the power and speed they need to make actionable business intelligence a reality — even in real time.

Operational Business Intelligence Software

In order to maintain a competitive edge, companies today are increasingly turning to operational business intelligence solutions that support process optimization by pushing needed data to frontline analysts and managers in real time, supporting intra-day decisions. This can dramatically improve efficiencies and decision-making across all facets of an enterprise.

To achieve operational business intelligence, companies need solutions that can overcome data warehousing integration, and analytics challenges such as:

  • Extracting real-time data from multiple sources on the fly
  • Transforming traditional data into actionable business intelligence data
  • Making the resulting information accessible to those who need it and
  • Handling huge volumes of data with many users making simultaneous complex ad hoc queries


SAP’s Sybase solutions provide the capabilities to overcome these challenge and make operational business intelligence a reality.